10 Amazing Art Courses in Nigeria You Didn't Know Existed

10 Amazing Art Courses in Nigeria You Didn’t Know Existed

10 Amazing Art Courses in Nigeria You Didn’t Know Existed

How do you start making art if you’re just getting started? One way is to enroll in an art class, which gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity in a guided way and make friends with other people who share your passion. Here are 10 amazing art courses in Nigeria that can help give you the skills and inspiration to create brilliant artwork of your own!

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1) Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Lagos

Lagos College of Technology is a college of technology located in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. The Fine and Applied Arts programme at LCAT is one of their most popular programmes with over 500 students currently enrolled.

The course has been designed to equip students with skills that can be applied to various spheres such as art management, set design, product design and display among others. It’s also one of the 10 best art courses offered by LCAT.


Fine and Applied Arts at Obafemi Awolowo University: Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is a federal government owned university located in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

It was established on October 15, 1962 by an Act of Parliament (Nigerian Universities Act 1964). The OAU is among one of 10 best art courses available through admission into its College of Art and Design programme. The college has produced many top level artists that are recognised nationally as well as internationally.


2) Creative Arts at the University of Nigeria

Creative Arts at the University of Nigeria is one of the best art courses you can find. The school has a list of 10 best art courses and they are: Sculpture, Painting and Drawing, Pottery, Textiles Design, Typography and Graphic Design, Decoration Design for Interiors and Furniture, Interior Designing for Public Buildings and Architecture.


There are also art courses which require certain subjects such as Fine Art (Drawing), Fine Art (Painting) or Fine Art (Sculpture).

In addition to these amazing art courses in Nigeria there are many other arts that are offered. Creative Arts at the University of Nigeria offers music programmes such as Music Education or Music Technology.


3) Arts and Social Sciences at Covenant University

Arts and Social Sciences is a popular course of study at Covenant University.

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The 10 best art courses offered here are: Economics, Mass Communication, English Literature, Linguistics, Fine Arts and Design, Information Technology and Management Studies.

Students who want to pursue any of the arts or social sciences will need to take mandatory subjects such as Geography and History for Arts students, Mathematics for Social Science students.


Covenant University is one of few Universities that offer a very wide array of Arts and Social Science courses. With a range of arts course from Information Technology to English Literature; Arts and Social Sciences has something for every interested student.

Covenant University is amongst few Colleges and Universities to boast Mass Communication as an Arts degree option, making it perfect for future Journalists who want an all rounded education before they begin their career on national newspapers or magazines.

All art courses also include mandatory subject choices that must be taken, with Geography being a standard requirement for Art degrees at Covenant University.


4) Performing Arts at the University of Ibadan

At the University of Ibadan, students are able to take classes from various performance arts such as music and drama. The music courses offer diverse options with regard to studying West African Music (world music), popular, traditional and classical guitar, african percussion instruments, piano, violin and wind instruments.

There are also art courses in Nigeria that teach African culture through topics such as the initiation rituals of some Nigerian ethnic groups and the role of different icons in West African societies.

*This weblog publish is informative as it explores particular possibilities to be had to college students on the University of Ibadan even as bringing up different art-associated publications that aren’t supplied at this specific university.


5) Visual Arts at Yaba College of Technology

Yaba College of Technology is the only Nigerian institution to offer a degree program in Visual Arts. It offers training and education for students who want to join the visual arts industry.

The program covers courses like sculpture, painting, graphics, textiles, ceramics and woodwork. Students can also choose from a range of minors from Illustration to Photography and Furniture Design among others.

Students are required to take Art History & Theory I and II as well as Drawing I, II & III at YCT. Other art courses include Sculpture I & II, Painting I & II, Graphics I & II and Textile Design I & II.

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6) Theatre Arts at Obafemi Awolowo University

Obafemi Awolowo University offers Theatre Arts as a subject for students.

There are additionally other theater expressions subjects presented at Obafemi Awolowo College like Show, Acting and Theater Specialists this days.


If you love performing arts, then maybe you can take Theatre Arts as a subject at Obafemi Awolowo University. This is one of the best art courses offered at OAU.

Theatre arts allows one to develop both theoretical and practical knowledge on theatre. In addition to that, it also offers practical opportunities for students to participate actively and fully in theatre productions and performances and continue their professional development through workshops and study tours.


7) Film and Video at the National Film Institute

Film and Video at the National Film Institute is one of the best Art courses you can take in Nigeria.

It’s a three year course with a minimum requirement of four subjects such as Production, Directing, Cinematography and Animation.

There are 10 best art courses you can take which are Creative Arts, Music, Painting and Drawing, Designing Textiles and Fashion Designing, Ceramics & Pottery and Woodworking & Metalworking.


8) Arts Administration and Management at the University of Jos

Nigeria has a thriving art scene, with many courses to choose from.

One of the best is Arts Administration and Management at the University of Jos.

It offers a broad range of subjects, including The Art Scene in Nigeria, Visual Art Production, and Art History.

There are also courses on business skills like marketing and finance.

Check out this list for 10 amazing art courses you didn’t know existed in Nigeria.


9)painting at Auchi Polytechnic

Auch Polytechnic is a state-owned tertiary institution located in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria.

This art school offers a course on painting that covers the basics of painting such as colour mixing and shading.

It also offers a course on crockery where scholars are tutored how to produce different types of pots.

The art courses at this institution include sculpture, drawing and printmaking among others.


10) Ceramics at Federal College of Education

Pottery is a great art course to take if you are interested in working with complexion and making pots, plates and mugs.

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It’s a difficult course to study because it requires good hand-eye coordination and skills in cutting, shaping and glazing.

Ceramics is an extremely popular subject with many people studying at universities across the world. Federal College of Education (FCE) offers ceramics as one of their 10 best art courses so if you’re interested why not talk to your school counselor about this option?


Art courses list

Below is a list of the 10 best art courses you can take in Nigeria.
1. The Lagos State College of Art and Design (LASCD)
2. Afe Adedokun’s Foundation School of Art and Design
3. The National Institute for Nigerian Languages
4. University of Lagos Teaching Hospital Teaching Training Programme (ULTHTP)
5. Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Igarra, Akwa Ibom State (AIFP)
6. Covenant University Teaching Hospital Training Programme (CU-UTHTP)
7. Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU)
8. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU) – Architecture Course:
This course provides detailed instruction on designing architecture through lectures, studio practices, seminars and tutorials.
9. Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye (OOU) – Fine Arts Course: OOU offers programmes such as BFA in Painting and Sculpture; MFA Painting; BFA Ceramics; MFA Sculpture & Ceramics that allow students to explore their creativity through these disciplines .
There are also opportunities to do research with guidance from highly qualified professionals in an encouraging atmosphere of scholarship.
Art at Oxford is an ideal environment for self-discovery, experimental thought and exploring new ideas as it supports both art students
looking to complete professional qualifications or artists who want to continue studying full time or part time at postgraduate level.
Here art courses have no restrictions on the mediums they teach; they teach all media including sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing and textiles.
A levels are required before entry into most courses here like Art&Design at A Level (AFE).
10. University of Ibadan (UI) – School of Basic and Applied Sciences:
UI’s School of Basic and Applied Sciences offers students a curriculum that balances theory and practical classes.
Students take courses on topics such as molecular genetics, environmental science, marine biology, physics, geology, nutrition, biochemistry and physics.



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