Can You Use Visa Gift Cards At Restaurants

Can You Use Visa Gift Cards At Restaurants Are you using the Visa Gift Card at a restaurant or salon? There is a possibility the transaction may be declined. Older payment processing terminals may automatically run an authorization transaction of 20% more than your total bill to ensure the gift card has enough funds to cover a gratuity. Also try to inform the staff ahead of time to make sure the service is available and to avoid embarrassing situations as some may require cash only or the amount in the card may not be sufficient for what you are buying. You might wonder if a visa gift card same as a visa credit card, the answer is no. Although the gift card may look similar to a credit card and have the Visa logo, the gift card is a prepaid card that does not have a line of credit. The gift card owner can use the gift card up to the amount of the card value and can’t exceed that amount and remember to always click the credit part when  ask on a gift card. READ ALSO: where can you travel to without a passport Note also you can’t add money to the gift card just what is specified in it, if you encounter issue while trying to pay for your meal like the amount of things bought exceed the gift card you can always ask the merchant to take a specific amount from the gift card then, go ahead to use another payment method to complete the payment. You can always send a gift card to adults in the United States but not to international addresses or postal agencies. You can always check the amount remaining on the gift card by logging onto the visa gift card account.
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