Entertainment News: Best TV Shows of 2022

Entertainment News: Best TV Shows of 2022



The year is over, and we’re already drowning in great TV. The content carousel never stops spinning, so it’s up to you to get what you want while it makes its rounds. Half of 2022 has offered an astonishing number of series for premium viewing. Ozark made a big comeback on Netflix, Amazon gave us a sweet look at the lives of three young adults on the autism spectrum, and ABC (yes, A-B-C, the network) named Best Comedy of the Year.



Star Trek: Strange New Worlds


Paramount+’s explosion of Star Trek programming has had some ups and downs, but at Strange New Worlds, we’ve got the best Trek outing in decades. Back to Basics this return to episodic storytelling from the original series takes place while leading Christopher Pike, the predecessor to Captain Kirk aboard the Enterprise. If you’re not Trekkie, fear not: There’s no learning curve here, and there’s plenty to love for any sci-fi fan. Strange New Worlds is a hilarious, hilarious, retro, character-driven series where each episode combines a top-notch social and cultural story with some good, clean, and cool space-time fun.




As the breakout heads into its second season, one always has to wonder: Will there be a slump in the second year? Anyone worried about Bridgeton was proven wrong when Season Two went up. Sure, the second outing was different than the first: Enemies for romance lovers meant less satiating sex and slow-burning chemistry, but it was still hot as hell. The series also found new emotional depths in its romantic threads, held together by attraction as much as the burdens of shared grief, duty, and sacrifice. We can hardly wait for season 3.

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Under the sky banner


After the insane murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty, Dustin Lance Black’s Under the Banner of Heaven (based in part on the book of the same name by Jon Krakauer) is a harrowing look at religious crime, extremism, and tests of faith. Andrew Garfield plays the fictional Jeb Pyre, a Mormon detective tasked with investigating a murder. What he initially discovers turns out to be an onion of mystery, with more and more disturbing details revealed as he delves into the extremes of his church.




Barry’s third season turns things up a bit. After Jane reveals that Barry is responsible for the death of Detective Janis Moss, season three is back in action, pushing Jane and Barry together in the most dangerous way possible. Without spoiling anything, Barry’s long-awaited new season looks even more charged than previous seasons. But mostly, how cool would Noho Hank be back on our screens?


Hearts tuber


Netflix’s new coming of age story skips the hype of high-end TV and instead opts for something that feels trendy: a straightforward, intimate story. The British series follows a teenager who navigates life as one of the few gay men at an all-boys school. He soon finds an ally in the rugby team captain, only to discover that they may be more alike than he initially thought. Bonus points: Olivia Colman appeared as one of the protagonist’s mothers, and yes, she steals every scene she’s in.


We own this city


David Simon returns to HBO with his greatest muse: Baltimore. Unfortunately, the source material hasn’t improved much since his masterpiece, The Wire. The good part is that we’re left with a force of limited series, chronicling the Baltimore Police Department’s Disastrous Weapon Tracking Task Force. It’s full of corruption and suspicion, which makes it perfect fodder for one of Simon’s character studies in Baltimore. Jon Berthal, Jimmy Hector, and Josh Charles shine as lead in what is sure to enter Simon’s Great Canon.

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Does Minx sometimes tend to be vulgar? Surely But there’s still something intoxicating about HBO Max’s Porn Valley-set starring Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovepond. The latter plays a feminist writer who hopes to launch her own feminist magazine in the 1970s. The first is her posting meal ticket catch? He’s a punk mage king. Fun ensues.




The time between Season 1 and 2 of the Upload was amazingly long. (As with the premieres in Pandemic World) But even so, the sci-fi series about the afterlife is still as fresh and original as it was in the first season. The new installment of episodes doesn’t spare any comedy but manages to weave a story about the disparity of wealth and how it continues to affect people in the Upload world, even after they’ve left.




Apple TV+ knows something good when they see it, so they took the novel of the same name, put Oscar winner (Youn Yuh-Jung) on ​​top, and created something amazing. In the boom of Korean series available to American viewers, Pachinko has outgrown the hype.

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