Giveaway; Latesttalk Director sets to help students through giveaway Programs.

Latesttalk embarks on social engagements with Fans

In a public address by the CEO of Mr. Peter Clever, last two days declared his interest in helping students earn extra incomes while actively participating in his social engagement programs and challenge as a way of promoting and contributing to the country’s development through political, social, lifestyle and economic enlightenment.

This program is designed to run for 6 months and further modification made to soothe the interest of the participant. Students, self employed and business persons who wants to add an extra means of income are encourage to join and promote the course of credible information in the News Media Sector.

How to Participate

*Visit and spend 6-7 minutes on the blog.

*Engage in comment and sharing of articles from the blog to any of your social media accounts using #hashtags (#latesttalk,, #latesttalkprogram, #latesttalkcampaigns #adssvertiseonlatesttalk). This will help us track your engagements easily.

*Refer 50 people to visit the blog, screenshots each refer and send on WhatsApp to

*Engage in this 7 days every week and each winners will be selected and credited the sum of #5000 weekly.

*Drive and refer upcoming artistes to promote their music as low as #1000 with the benefit of free social media promotions on their music’s.

*Follow, like, tag and comment on all our social media handles (Facebook – latesttalk, Instagram – latesttalkng, Twitter – @talkearnit).

How we Track

Our monitoring team will be tracking these engagement and properly selecting the weekly winners, Screenshot of payments will be posted each week.

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Together we spread the information we want credible and accurate.

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Chilaka tansi chidiuto
Chilaka tansi chidiuto
3 months ago


Chilaka tansi chidiuto
Chilaka tansi chidiuto
3 months ago

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