Studying Nursing in Canada

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Studying Nursing in Canada

Have you ever considered studying Nursing? You probably studied Nursing during your undergraduates and want to further your studies or you studied another course in a different field but you’ve always had a passion for Nursing.

Yes, you can come to Canada and study Nursing. I had a friend who studied international Relations during her undergraduate in 9ja and is about to be done with her Nursing degree in Canada.

Two different fields, one person.

can a refugee claimant study nursing in canada

Here are a few things you should take note of if you want to study Nursing in Canada, ;

You don’t need a background in Nursing to study Nursing in Canada.

There is a waiting List for Nursing in most Canadian Universities, so you could start from the beginning which is a 6 months health care assistant course

Look for schools that are open to taking international students into their nursing program.

Make sure the school you are interested in is under DLI (Designated Learning institution). Please, this is very important

Make sure the school also gives graduate work permit. Yes, not all schools do. Check my No IELTS to Canada Guide for more details.

If you want more information on DLIs, Universities that give graduate work permit, Universities that are open to international students, my

No IELTS to Canada Guide is what you shouId be consuming right now.

If No, CIose this emaiI right away or better still scroII below and hit unsubscribe button

can a refugee claimant study nursing in canada


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