The horrific incident that changed Mia Khalifa's life forever

The horrific incident that changed Mia Khalifa’s life forever

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The horrific incident that changed Mia Khalifa’s life forever




Former adult entertainment star, Mia Khalifa, has spoken about the negative effects the porn industry has had on her life since she left the industry in 2015. Although she actually filmed for only three months in 2014, the controversy surrounding Khalifa’s videos it still made popular on adult video sites, despite leaving the toxicity of the industry behind. These videos will go on to haunt her, and she’s even received death threats to share, according to CNN.


These days, Khalifa is building a social media presence, and gaining more and more sympathetic fans for what she has been through. Hindsight is really 20/20 and now people are starting to see how Khalifa has been exploited and exploited by people in the porn industry. After being abused, ridiculed and hated by the public for years, Khalifa tells her side of the story.



With that in mind, a recent interview with Khalifa gained attention, as her online experience directly affected her abuse in real life.


Mia Khalifa had to defend herself against real trolls


Mia Khalifa has opened up about bustling about the challenges that have entered her life after becoming one of the most hated, yet desired (once “PornHub’s #1 #1 performer”) in the world. One of her friends, model Gina Lee, recounted a frightening experience she witnessed in which some men decided to get their hands on Khalifa to keep her away from her friend group at a 2017 concert.

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[Khalifa] literally ended up punching a man so he got away. It has really changed after that. “I could never be nice to anyone in public,” he recalls Lee [living in fear]; “I’ve seen the audience arrive at her.” In fact, Khalifa could not “go to the grocery store without being harassed”.


And that’s right, we didn’t really hear from Khalifa until her editorial interview with BBC News in 2019, where she spoke about the struggles she went through after leaving the porn industry and how they were exploited. The interview has now garnered over 15 million views as of this writing, and has been a huge part of Khalifa’s comeback to the public. Now, Khalifa has more than 27 million followers on Instagram and 32 million on TikTok. With her newest and most supportive followers on social media, Khalifa has taken control of her image and has worked hard to speak out against injustice towards women.

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