Trend: How Aba Tech Maker is Making waves of Abia to the World.

Nothing Good Comes Easy.

Lately, Abia State has been known as the small Hubs for technology where youths are trained, Incubated, work and Grow at different Tech Hubs and a few persons are driving this Innovation and making this possible.

An Important Character to Recognize is the Co-founder of Rad5Tech Hub, Nnanna Orji John who is a community builder, IT Consultant, TechPreneur, Mentor, Speaker and an SDGAdvocate contributing to the growth of Technology Hubs In the South East of Nigeria.

Indeed, Hard work the say pays off and this has become evident in the Life of this Young Founder as he was selected to attend the Mandela Washington Fellowship for 2023. This will be a dream come true for most executive techpreneurs and Ceo’s.

He was seen on the space of twitter expressing how he has able to realize his dream of visiting the White House in the United States and this has become a hot trend on Twitter lately.

In his statement he said, “

Excited beyond words!


I had the most incredible experience of my life!

Visited the iconic White House in the United States! Dreams really do come true, and today was proof of that!

As I stood on the historical grounds where great leaders have walked before, I couldn’t help but reflect on the journey that brought me here. From humble beginnings in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria to this prestigious place, it’s a testament to the power of determination and hard work

One of the most profound learnings from this surreal experience is the importance of education. Education has the power to transform lives and break down barriers. It’s what opens doors to opportunities and enables us to dream beyond our circumstances. It’s not just about getting degrees; it’s about learning, growing, and never giving up on expanding our knowledge. So, to all my amazing friends and followers, never underestimate the value of education. Embrace every chance to learn and improve yourself, and who knows, you might

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just find yourself standing at any place you once dreamed of!

I pledge to continually support young Africans to achieve their goals.”

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