What are diabetes shoes?
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What are diabetes shoes?

What are diabetes shoes?


Diabetic shoes are designed to prevent the development of serious foot problems and reduce the risk of skin fractures in diabetics. However, people with diabetic neuropathy in the legs often do not realize that their feet are at serious risk.

Wounds under the feet can heal in a matter of hours. Diabetic shoes will prevent complications, which can happen to diabetics from knee and ankle amputations.

Diabetic shoes must meet strict medical care guidelines and be recommended by a professional and fit by a certified podiatrist, shoe fitter or other qualified specialist. Diabetes shoes should also include removable heat module or orthotics. Shoes and insoles are transformed into a system that helps diabetics prevent foot injuries and improve quality of life.

Why are diabetic shoes important?


The risk of leg injuries in diabetics is higher than average due to poor circulation and neuropathy which reduces the ability of the nerves and causes damage to the legs. Wounds can quickly turn into cuts and bruises without the patient even realizing it. These wounds and bruises can spread quickly and lead to dangerous, life-threatening conditions, including amputation. Our goal in Western Michigan Foot & Foot is to explore every possible way to prevent cuts and take precautionary measures.

Diabetic shoes are important not only for diabetics who have a history of bruises and injuries. These shoes can prevent the formation of cuts and bruises, in addition to preventing foot pressure and calluses.

What are the requirements for Medicare shoes?


If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and have the following three or more:

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  • Partial or complete amputation of the leg
  • History of foot injury
  • Callus formation before injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Poor circulation
  • Leg damage

In addition:

  • You are being treated by a doctor for a comprehensive plan for your diabetes and should see your primary care physician within 6 months.
  • Your doctor will evaluate if you need diabetic footwear and / or insertion.


How are diabetic shoes different?


  1. Diabetic shoes are made extra deep to reduce the high pressure area, replacing insoles and traditional orthotics, swollen feet, and imperfections such as hamstring and bunion.
  2. Diabetic shoes are available in a variety of sizes, fitting into the medium, wide, extra wide, and extra wide legs.
  3. Protective lining and minimal stitching for bare feet inside diabetic shoes.
  4. Pressure-reducing foot bed that keeps feet fit while minimizing high-pressure areas.
  5. Specifically installed by a Podiatrist or Certified Pediatrician.




Modern diabetic shoes come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs to be comfortable and supportive for each individual. Diabetes shoes are made of breathable fabric and material such as leather and are specially designed for each patient. Below, you can find five incredible benefits of wearing these shoes.


1. Prevent ringing


All diabetic shoes are equipped with an extra wide toe box that does not leave your feet on the top of the shoe. It does not allow corn and calluses to form as they often turn into open wounds.


2. Improves blood flow


Diabetic footwear is designed and the structures are adjusted to accurately measure each patient, providing optimal support and space without restricting flow to the feet.

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3. Advanced comfort level


Diabetic shoes offer excellent stability by distributing your weight correctly. Relaxing inserts also absorb pressure, reduce stress and help fight fatigue in the legs and feet.


4. Reduce pain


Diabetic shoes provide excellent pain relief due to the quality of the material they are made of. They support your weight with every step and can help with swollen feet, which is a common symptom in diabetics.


5. Prevents skin deterioration


Diabetics may feel numbness in their legs. Since there are no internal seals, the Diabetes Shoes are designed to reduce the risk of skin breakage and reduce a variety of coughs.

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