Different things we buy have a life span, some goods we use over a few years, others we use only once or twice. This article will deal hugely on consumer non-durable jobs, how much it pays, different companies that deal on this, available positions etc. just read on.

What is Consumer Non-Durable Jobs

This is a classification of frequently purchased consumer goods; non-durables are items which are consumed in one use or a few uses; expendables. Consumer non-durables are further sub-divided into packaged and non-packaged goods. Non-durable goods are products consumers purchase with the plan to use for a short period of time. Also referred to as consumable goods, most non-durable goods are expected to be consumed or used in three years or less. Because of this basic characteristic, non-durable goods can be a wide variety of products.


From a business point of view, selling consumable or non-durable goods often translates to repeat customers. To illustrate, let’s say you are the president of a prominent laundry detergent company. You know that customers who purchase laundry soap will eventually use up their soap supply and will need to buy another bottle. The challenge with selling non-durable goods is building brand loyalty with customers and ensuring that when they purchase the next bottle of laundry soap, they purchase your brand rather than a different option. Being able to maintain lies solely on giving them the best product and not diluting your product to end up making your customer regret shopping with you going ahead and trying another brand and if successful, leaving your product and being a customer over there. The key here is being diligent in giving them the best product.

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How Many Consumer Nondurable Jobs are Available

There are many jobs positions you can start on consumer non-durables. Since they are, in general, a multi-brand corporation, you will find small divisions by brand. There are varieties of consumer non-durable jobs available. Below are listed a few one can opt to apply for.

Brand & Marketing


Different brands require different marketing focuses. It makes sense to have several brand management positions coming along with related marketing functions. Related areas are; Brand management / marketing, communications, consumer & market knowledge and design.


In sales, we can observe a different trend for consumer non-durable companies. They usually have the same salespeople since the clients, such as supermarkets, are the same.

For that reason, salespeople will deal with different product types, from detergent to chocolates to food items


Product Supply

In product supply this include engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, quality assurance, supply chain and logistics

Research & Development

This will be separate and require separate packaging, manufacturing technology, and quality control. That is why these types of jobs are plenty in this industry. Positions that are related to this area are design, engineering, science, information technology, finance & accounting, human resources and legal/intellectual property.

How Much do Consumer Non-Durable Job Pay

Consumer non-durables jobs pay $41,500 per year, on average. However, there’s a wide variety of careers available in consumer non-durables. Each comes with its average salary which defers. Below is a list of consumer non-durables jobs and their salary range according to zippa.

Job Title Average Salary  Entry-Level Salary       90th Percentile Salary
Food Technologist $63,000 $39,000 $101,000
Restaurant General Manager $54,000 $72,000 $41,000
Food and Beverage Manager $53,000 $39,000 $71,000
Chef $47,000 $32,000 $69,000
Esthetician $40,000 $28,000 $58,000
Hair Stylist $37,000 $23,000 $59,000
Beauty Consultant $33,000 $30,000 $36,000
Grocery Associate $31,000 $29,000 $33,000
Cook $30,000 $24,000 $37,000
Butcher $27,000 $21,000 $34,000
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Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

  • Sales representative
  • Benefit coordinator
  • Production associate
  • Quality assurance analyst
  • Communication specialist
  • Network engineer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Food and Beverages Manager
  • Financial Analyst (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Medical Sales Representative
  • Digital Designer
  • Restaurant General Manager

Top Companies in Consumer Non-durable

If you want to start a career path in non-durable consumer goods, we list the ten leaders in the sector based on market cap and their years of experience

  • Nestle AG
  • Procter & Gamble Company
  • L’oreal
  • Nike
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Pepsico
  • Philip Morris International
  • Unilever Group
  • Christian Dior
  • Anheuser-Busch Inbev

Hope this article was expository.

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